It is possible for us to train a horse you already own or for us to further train a horse that you have bought from us and, for example, get us to compete it up to a certain level. In both situations we expect to agree clear objectives with you in advance so we will achieve desired outcomes.
The welfare and health of your horse always comes first with us. We feed different types of hard feed to suit the needs of the horse and we only use quality horse hay. In addition to their training, the horses get turned out regularly into the field (weather permitting) or in one of the paddocks. We work closely with an experienced blacksmith and an established horse clinic and, if required, with a qualified osteopath or chiropractor, but only in consultation with you.

You can have us train your horse for various purposes:

Breaking a young horse is one of the most important events in its life. The foundation for the future of a horse is laid during this initial period. Without a good basic training, problems might occur later that will take away the pleasure for both rider and horse. A calm environment with all the necessary facilities is required to break young horses in a responsible way. And we can certainly provide this!
You can trust us to break your horse in a respectful way. During this training period we let the horse get used to the bridle, saddle and weight of the rider. At the end of this period the rider should be able to mount the horse normally and the horse should be able to walk, trot and canter in a relaxed way and accept the weight of the rider.

When the horse is broken in, we can further school it for you. Particular attention will be paid to being responsive to the leg and straightening on a relaxed rein. The horse has to accept the weight of the rider and be able to walk in a neat and balanced way. So we mainly focus on the basics and when that is completed properly we can continue with the exercises that are required for show-jumping or dressage at entry level.

Sooner or later every rider is likely to encounter ‘problems’. When medical problems are excluded, there might be a problem in the communication between rider and horse. Because we ride all kinds of different horses we are able to find a solution for many of these problems, so ensuring the horse will enjoy working again with the rider.